How I Took The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam

Check this post to get tips & practical knowledges for Certificate Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

First of all, yeey! I just passed the exam after 3 intensive hours tried to go through a fair amount of tough questions. Some tips I want to share with people who are going to get on this challenge, soon.

Kubernetes Official Documentation Is Your BFF

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Walk through as carefully as possible, everything is right there, really. You don’t need to worry about out-of-the-world questions that even Vincent De Smet (my Kubernetes expert ex-colleague) can not answer ;) I repeat, this is a human exam. Get your hands dirty by practicing all the topics on minikube or real clusters (GCP would be the easy choice)

The Community Got Your Back

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Check this spreadsheet , which contains a lot of helpful labs, books or just some tricks you could utilize during the exam.
One more thing, possibly redo the awesome Kubernetes the hard way a few days before you take the exam.

Old-school Never Dies

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If sublime text or visual studio code is your comfortable choice for a while, leave it behind for a while and be back to the old-school alternate: Vim (I hope exiting Vim would not be an impossible task anymore...)! Do go through all basic tasks (movement, copy, paste,...) and make sure you can use those techniques without so much brain effort. Note: Tmux would be a optional combination If you can’t live without multiple panes terminal. I personally use vim & tmux during my day job, so I don’t get surprised with non GUI environment.

Time Is Precious

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3 hours are short, don’t spend too much time on just one question or you would not be able to go through all of them. Some are simple, easy money, better to take care of those fast so more time could be spent on the other tough ones. I thought that I could use some spare time to recheck my works, but I could not. So, spend your time wisely.

Secret Gem

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Which is not so secret at all, it’s already there for a while actually. Make sure that you master kubectl explain <resource-name> usage.
Basically, this command gives you a structured definitions of all available kubernetes resources right at your cursor, much faster than looking up on

That’s pretty much all I need for the CKA exam. I hope these experience would be helpful for someone out there who want to be / already be part of such a wonderful open-source community ☺

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